Stop waiting, start polluting - join the world's dirtiest dating service!

Stop waiting, start polluting! ALEC is the world's dirtiest dating service!

PolluterHarmony launches its new partnership with a service called, “ALEC,” offering corporate executives and lobbyists direct access to state-level legislators. See our new Success Stories and full press release for more information.

Polluter Harmony: Welcome to Washington

Polluter Harmony: Welcome to Washington

As our Chief Harmonologist explains, science has shown that every successful relationship requires give and take - and who better to take than the new 112th Congress? Players go to Polluter Harmony, and you can too.

Polluter Harmony Ad: Jeff's Story

Jeff's Story

Hear Jeff's story and how Polluter Harmony helped him find his match in Lisa.

Polluter Harmony Ad: Charles' and Blanche's Story

Charles' and Blanche's Story

Blanche might not be around anymore, but the epic love between her and Charles comes alive in this video.  

Polluter Harmony Ad: Rex's Story

Rex's Story

Rex, CEO of an oil company, expands his prospects with Polluter Harmony.