Success Story

Tim "Prosperity" matched with Michigan Rep. Fred Upton

February 7, 2011

I’ve been familiar with Polluter Harmony for years, having engaged with a deep but open relationship with Koch Industries through Americans for Prosperity. I still enjoy this part of my life, but decided to start browsing pHarmony again in 2010 for something new.

Had it not been for my trust in pHarmony, I would have been hesitant about Fred’s past: supporting the 1990 Clean Air Act amendments, backing the 2007 Energy Independence and Security Act, and passing tax credits for alternative energy in 2008. But after sharing a warm blueberry scone one chilly afternoon, I knew we had infinite potential. 

I’m used to telling prop activists where to stand and what to do while I speak on behalf of oil billionaires. This has made it hard to meet people on “my level,” and I never imagined my match would be the man my tea party friends were making fun of for supporting efficient light bulbs.

Now Fred is strong: he ignores scientists conducting climate research, he supports a Canadian tar sands pipeline despite last year’s oil spill on the Kalamazoo River in his home state, and he’s in the front row of American Petroleum Institute briefings. His legislation to block the EPA from limiting  carbon pollution looks beautiful. He has lobbyists from the oil and healthcare industries running his office, and he has me at his side in the Wall Street Journal.

Fred knows I’d never ask him to change for me, nor for his own constituents. I’d only ask him to change for coal and oil companies. I can’t say how much it meant to me personally for Fred to join hearts with mine, but I do know it meant at least $250,000 to electric utility companies over the last couple years.

At this point I still can’t promise monogamy, but I do know that when Fred talks dirty energy, it makes me swoon...