Success Story

Joe Barton matched with Michael Morris, AEP

February 7, 2011

Being from Texas, I had no trouble meeting big oil fat cats that would wine and dine me and fill my war chest at election time. But after a while, that was boring. So I signed up at PolluterHarmony. Right away, I saw a profile of this guy Mike from American Electric Power. At first, I was a little worried that he said he was "leading the way" on climate change. I've been fighting against clean energy and global warming legislation for decades. To my amazement, the disagreements we have actually add a little bit of spice! As the largest coal-burning electric utility, AEP has plenty of extra cash to spend on me from the bills they send to people every month, even as I attempt to kill every pro-environment bill that comes through my committee. We really found something special, and it's all thanks to PolluterHarmony.