Success Story

Billy "Ain't No Sunshine" Seitz matched with American Electric Power

February 7, 2014

In Ohio, there’s nothing I despise more than clean energy. Just thinking about these homeowner hippies generating their own solar electricity, dancing in the wind...wake up and smell the coal, people! Clean energy is Stalinist!

Okay, okay. So I get a bit bombastic sometimes. But ALEC understands me. ALEC knows the type of brazen, unapologetic polluters I’m looking for. Companies I can really count on to make everywhere a place where the sun don’t shine. I’m shivering just writing this!

Thanks to ALEC, I’m connected to coal utilities that treat me right, like American Electric Power and Duke Energy. The hotels, the dinners, the outings that are none-of-your-business, thank you very much...they make me feel like the most important guy on earth. It’s only fair that I return special favors for my very special interests ;)

I won’t write a tell-all, but I can say that King Coal and I love trying to repeal renewable energy laws together. Even if we don’t succeed, it’s the journey that matters, and I prefer the journey that begins in a coal mine and ends in our lungs. :P

Trust a buckeye and give ALEC a try. Everyone needs a dirty little secret.

Billy "Ain't No Sunshine" Seitz

Photo copyright: University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research:

Photo copyright: Columbus Business Journal