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Meet ALEC: pHarmony Expands with State-level Matchmaking

February 11, 2014

Thanks to our new partnership with a service called, “ALEC,” pHarmony now offers corporate executives and lobbyists direct access to state-level legislators. See our new success stories to hear from state lawmakers who are freshly freed of the duty to write their own laws, thanks to ALEC.

I’ve always put ALEC first,” one state lawmaker explains, “because of its proven ability to hook me up with powerful people at the hottest energy companies in the country. No more waiting for ideas for bills, no more endless phone calls trying to please people who elected me. ALEC works for me, so I work for ALEC.”

ALEC increases pHarmony’s ability to get dirty ideas into legislators’ heads, with a proven record of pleasing polluters and politicians alike.

Got a crush on coal? ALEC can help you hand over public land to coal companies, and even cut incentives to clean energy competitors. Do you gush for Big Oil?  ALEC knows that when you frack, you don’t want to worry about the public noticing.

In addition to broadening our reach, ALEC brings new expertise to pHarmony’s legislator-lobbyist matchmaking, including the Prodigal Ex program, allowing you to rekindle lost connections and contracts for those whose ember still burns to exert influence in our Statehouses.

“We made the mistake of leaving ALEC for a few months, out of popularity concerns,” one major Arizona utility company explains. “But ALEC isn’t about popularity. ALEC took us back, and it feels great to be reconnecting with Arizona legislators with that special receptiveness we pay to expect. It’s a breath of fresh air to remember how many lawmakers hate solar power if you just pay ALEC to take them to dinner a few times.”

See ALEC featured in pHarmony's new 2014 advertisement:

PolluterHarmony: Helping corporations and politicians get in bed together.

PolluterHarmony and ALEC: New pHarmony video shows expansion of lobbyist-lawmaker matchmaking to the state level.

Congressman Upton wins the Polluterharmony special prize!

March 24, 2011

Polluterharmony is pleased as punch to announce this year's polluter lover prize winner!  Freddy Kalamazoo/Congressman Upton's love of big polluters like Koch Industries and his relationship with people like American's For Prosperity President Tim Phillips made him a clear choice.  Thank you to all who submitted stories of Upton siding with dirty energy and attacking the EPA and those that voted on profiles and success stories on our page.  Our local representatives greeted Upton with a basket of goodies today at Coloma Township Hall in Michigan.  At the townhall as part of Upton's "listening tour" they even asked Upton questions about his commitment to big polluters in front of other constituents.  He was more than happy to oblige and talk about his support for gutting the Clean Air Act.  We were also happy to hear the media talking about the delivery and the fact that we will be running the commercial featured on our site all day around Kalamazoo Michigan!  Thank you Mr. Upton.  For all of you other polluters and politicans, keep those relationships ahead of constituents and you might receive your own gourmet candy coal, multi-use massage and motor oil, or romantic cd of the sweet sounds of industry.

Upton receives basket prize











Upton wins prize

























Polluterharmony is pleased as punch to announce this year's polluter lover prize winner!

Polluter Harmony Contest Winner to be Announced This Week

March 22, 2011

You have seen the member profiles, success stories, and videos that show the polluter-politician love blossoming thanks to Polluter Harmony.  Now, we are casting your votes on our profiles, success stories page, and recommendations on twitter (#polluterharmony) to find out who will win our basket of prizes on Thursday.  Here is a list of some of the romantic goodies for the one we highlight as our best example of polluter harmony:

Music CD: Soothing Sounds of Dirty IndustrySouthing Sounds of Industry CD

Gourmet Candy Coal

Oil Rig Home Décor Candle

A Romantic Ride for Two on a Bulldozer

Multi-use Massage and Motor Oil

Plush stuffed Dolphin and Pelican Covered in Hazelnut Oil for a snack or snuggling

Safety Goggles and Hard Hat for Deep Drilling Work

Thursday afternoon we will announce our lucky winner!


Polluter Harmony prize announced.  Winner to be announced Thursday!

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New Contest for Exposing Polluter Lobbyists’ Influence

February 8, 2011

Are you a lobbyist for the coal industry, looking for the best way to meet members of Congress who will put your dirty energy money ahead of modern environmental standards and their constituents' health? Maybe the chairman of a powerful congressional committee, seeking yet another industry lobbyist to join your staff and help roll back the Clean Air Act, choosing polluters over children's health? Or a giant oil company who wants everyone to forget about that devastating oil spill and need some insiders to pull the strings in the halls of power?

If so, then you need to check out - the #1 matchmaking site for polluters, industry lobbyists, and politicians!

Now for the rest of us, don't worry, everyone can get in on the action. Just in time for Valentine's Day, we've launched the new "Polluterharmony contest" to help expose the special relationships between politicians in Washington, DC and polluters, their lobbyists and campaign contributions.

We launched Polluterharmony last year, featuring a series of videos that highlighted the connections between polluters and politicians - like industry lobbyists writing legislation that would gut the Clean Air Act, oil executives threatening our coasts with offshore oil drilling, and polluters funneling their dirty money to our elected officials.

But this new Congress is on a polluter dating binge, so we need your help to expose the most lurid examples of polluter-politico love. Submitting your polluterharmony suggestion is simple: if you use Twitter, just include the hashtag #polluterharmony and tweet anything that shows a special relationship between polluters and politicians. The best match will get a special Polluterharmony surprise!

Here's my first suggestion: @Phil_Radford: closed door meetings with industry to scheme attacks on the Clean Air Act Now that's #polluterharmony

Last year, Greenpeace activists delivered a special Polluterharmony message to a favorite polluter destination – Senator Lisa Murkowski's office. Who will get the next polluterharmony delivery? Send your suggestion on Twitter, and be sure to include #polluterhamony so we see it!

Are you a lobbyist for the coal industry, looking for the best way to meet members of Congress who will put your dirty energy money ahead of modern environmental standards....