Love Letter

Meet ALEC: pHarmony Expands with State-level Matchmaking

February 11, 2014

Thanks to our new partnership with a service called, “ALEC,” pHarmony now offers corporate executives and lobbyists direct access to state-level legislators. See our new success stories to hear from state lawmakers who are freshly freed of the duty to write their own laws, thanks to ALEC.

I’ve always put ALEC first,” one state lawmaker explains, “because of its proven ability to hook me up with powerful people at the hottest energy companies in the country. No more waiting for ideas for bills, no more endless phone calls trying to please people who elected me. ALEC works for me, so I work for ALEC.”

ALEC increases pHarmony’s ability to get dirty ideas into legislators’ heads, with a proven record of pleasing polluters and politicians alike.

Got a crush on coal? ALEC can help you hand over public land to coal companies, and even cut incentives to clean energy competitors. Do you gush for Big Oil?  ALEC knows that when you frack, you don’t want to worry about the public noticing.

In addition to broadening our reach, ALEC brings new expertise to pHarmony’s legislator-lobbyist matchmaking, including the Prodigal Ex program, allowing you to rekindle lost connections and contracts for those whose ember still burns to exert influence in our Statehouses.

“We made the mistake of leaving ALEC for a few months, out of popularity concerns,” one major Arizona utility company explains. “But ALEC isn’t about popularity. ALEC took us back, and it feels great to be reconnecting with Arizona legislators with that special receptiveness we pay to expect. It’s a breath of fresh air to remember how many lawmakers hate solar power if you just pay ALEC to take them to dinner a few times.”

See ALEC featured in pHarmony's new 2014 advertisement:

PolluterHarmony: Helping corporations and politicians get in bed together.

PolluterHarmony and ALEC: New pHarmony video shows expansion of lobbyist-lawmaker matchmaking to the state level.